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10 Postpartum Care Essentials

10 Postpartum Care Essentials

10 Postpartum Care Essentials

New mothers are so focused on caring for their babies that they sometimes neglect their own care postpartum. Here is a list of some of the necessary amenities you might want to prepare before your baby is born to make sure you are well supported for your postpartum journey! 

1. Sanitary Pads

We start with sanitary pads to absorb the Lochia (a mixture of blood and mucus) discharging from the uterus. Tampons are not helpful during this time because your body is healing the wound where the placenta joined your uterine wall. It is probably best to stock up for at least 6 weeks!

2. Hazel Pads

Another type of pad is the witch hazel pad which can help with the burning sensation in the vaginal area postpartum. They will rid the area of any bad bacteria and create a soothing sensation against pain. You might also find Tucks as a soothing relief that you can line your pads with! 

3. Peri Bottle

Even the most basic task of going to the bathroom may be uncomfortable and painful, especially if you had any perineal lacerations or tears. A peri bottle is usually filled with warm water and the water is squirted on the entire perineum to avoid a burning sensation while peeing. 

4. Sitz Bath

When the pelvic area is sore, a sitz bath is important to soothe the area and maintain good hygiene. Sitting in a bath of warm water for 10-20 minutes a day will greatly reduce swelling. 

5. Sprays and Heating Pads

One of the primary supplies of pain relief includes pain-relieving sprays and heating or cooling pads. You can find them for your nipples and/or your vaginal area to counter pain and temporary relief. 

6. Nursing Pads

Not all new mothers may breastfeed, which is totally fine! For those, however, who do choose to breastfeed, nursing pads will be helpful for the first few days to avoid staining their clothes from spontaneous lactation. You can choose between disposable and reusable options!  

7. Breast Pumps

When you are lactating throughout the day, you’ll need to relieve your breasts if the baby isn’t hungry or if you want to strictly pump to collect milk. This employs the use of breast pumps to pump out the milk when your breast feels full. 

8. Milk Storage Bags

The breast milk storage bags can be filled and stored till your baby gets hungry again. This entire process may exhaust the areolas and nipple region causing dryness and cracking. 

9. Nipple Cream

Cracked nipples are not fun, so get yourself some nipple cream. Comfort during all these tasks is not easy to achieve but vital to save the mother from emotional distress.

10. Comfortable Clothing  

Last but not least, you’ll need to be in comfy clothes so you can easily get through the day. Plus, who doesn’t love to be in comfortable clothing?

At Willow Midwife Center, our midwives stay in close contact with you after your birth to help you throughout your postpartum journey. If you want to learn more about our prenatal and postpartum care, send us a message!

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