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Are Birth Centers Safe?

Are Birth Centers Safe?

If you are looking into your birth options and wondering if birth centers are safe, let’s break it down!

Long story short, research shows that birth centers are safe and effective for mothers. This is especially true for birth centers meeting the highest standards of care and operated by highly trained Certified Nurse-Midwives.

In many cases, mothers and  babies have better outcomes in birth centers than in hospitals. Birth centers specialize in working with healthy, normal birth, and to minimize risks further, birth centers have emergency protocols in place. They’re also located within a short radius of a tertiary care hospital that can provide immediate access to medicines for maternal and fetal care, surgery care, 24-hour neonatologists, NICUs, and other necessary healthcare facilities. 

What are the benefits of giving birth at a birth center?

Birth centers combine the best of medicinal and natural methods to provide personalized care for mothers in their pregnancy and post-natal journey. 

At Willow Midwife Center, our hands-off approach means giving the mother’s body more time to progress naturally during labor. This non-surgical path allows her to eat, drink, and rest  as she pleases. 

A welcoming and relaxing environment facilitates a natural birth and gives mothers the freedom to walk around without being hooked up to medical machines. Moreover, they can opt between several birthing alternatives, whether they want to stand up, use a birthing pool, a birth stool, or a birthing ball. 

What are the risks of giving birth at a birthing center?

Birth centers are well-equipped to handle low-risk and natural birth cases. But if you have multiple births or complications, they may not be a good fit. 

Most birth centers also only offer natural pain relief options. If something like an epidural is what you are looking for, then it might not be a good fit. Birth centers focus on assisting a natural birth that uses non-medical interventions to alleviate discomfort.

 In rare cases, birth centers will need to transfer mothers in labor to hospitals, where on-duty obstetricians can perform surgery like a C-section if it becomes necessary. 

What factors influence birth outcomes?

Several factors influence birth outcomes. Maternal factors include medical conditions (e.g. PCOS or diabetes), genetics, body mass, age, and nutrition. These and poor management can lead to several complications during and after birth. 

Complications can include premature birth, stunted fetal growth, and cognitive development issues. 

Environmental factors influence birth outcomes in terms of infant health and mortality. A stress-free and comforting environment during the prenatal and labor stages is crucial for mothers and their babies. 

What are the benefits to families?

Family-oriented, holistic care lies at the heart of a birthing facility like Willow Midwife Center. As a starting point, family members are encouraged to be a part of the miraculous process of birth. 

Birth is viewed as a natural and momentous occasion that gives families a sense of control and autonomy over the process by making informed and educated decisions. A friendly and warm environment is also conducive to a positive birth experience in which family members can participate actively, providing the utmost support to the mother and baby. 

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