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Belinda Hodder
Clinical Director and Co-Founder

Meet Certified Nurse-Midwife Belinda Hodder

Belinda Hodder DNP, CNM is the clinical director and co-founder of Willow Midwife Centers for Birth and Wellness AZ. Belinda has practiced as a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in the East Valley since 2010; she is well known for her passion for evidence-based women-centered care. Belinda is also a powerful advocate for a woman’s right to personalized ethical, consensual care.

Belinda has been a registered nurse for 34 years, of which she has been a CNM for 23 years. Belinda has attended in excess of 3,000 births both in and out-of-hospital. She is certified in both the UK and USA.

Army Nurse, Midwife & Mother

Belinda served for 10 years in the British Army’s Nursing Corps where she was decorated with the Gulf Medal for active service in Desert Storm. The birth of her first son brought her military career to an end and saw the start of her career in midwifery.

Belinda has assisted thousands of women and their families in making health care decisions. She believes that through encouragement and empowerment, women can make the best possible choices for their personal journeys.

Belinda loves her house full of boys; husband Jeremy, sons Adam, Sebastian, and Tobias, and boy dog Woolie.


Belinda is the most compassionate woman! She saw my 17 year old daughter who has autism and there was not a hint of anxiety or fear. Belinda talked with my daughter with respect and care. We have had the experience before with medical providers only speaking to me and referring to my daughter only as “her”. What is not to love about Willow?!?

Anne L.

I loved having my baby at Willow. Diane and Belinda provided incredible, personalized prenatal care. My birth was calm, relaxing and unforgettable. I loved the time after birth that my husband and I had with our new baby, as the Willow team took care of us and helped us focus on each other. I would definitely recommend birthing at Willow. Whether for your first birth or fifth birth, it is a wonderful and beautiful environment.

Angela S.

I just love Willow birth center and Belinda and Diane. These lovely midwives have seen me through two vbac births now. The births I had with them, the second being at Willow, were healing and empowering. I recommend these ladies to everyone. You simply won’t find better, more personalized care anywhere.

Anne L.

Love Diane and Belinda! They are thoughtful, respectful and only want what you want! I look forward to delivering at the birth center!

Cassandra C.

I started with Diane and Belinda both at VWW and had such a great experience with both of them. Diane delivered my first born at which my delivery did not go as planned, however she was exactly what I needed during that time. These women make you feel so comfortable and genuinely care about you. I will follow them wherever they go. They have become true friends. HIGHLY recommended for anyone and everyone. I am so Honored to be apart of Willow!

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If you would like to schedule a consultation with Belinda and tour one of our Willow AZ Midwife & Birth Centers, use our contact form or call Willow AZ at 480-565-5990 today.

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