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Give Birth at our East Valley Birth Center

Complete Maternity Care & Wellness

Schedule An AppointmentAt our Mesa birth center you will experience personalized, family-centered maternity care in a beautiful central location. The experienced midwives at Willow AZ offer the perfect blend of modern healthcare, luxury surroundings, and the gentle art of midwifery.

Willow Midwife Center for Birth and Wellness AZ is a beautiful facility that offers expectant mothers complete maternity care and wellness. Located in Mesa, AZ, we serve the greater East Valley, including Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Chandler and Scottsdale. We also welcome clients from surrounding areas such as San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, and Maricopa, as well as other states.

To make life easier for expectant parents in central and northern areas of Phoenix, we are also taking appointments at our new Willow Central location, just off Central & Thomas in Phoenix. You can call Willow Central at 480-565-2165 to learn more about the services offered at that location, or to make an appointment.

If you’d like to learn more about our community partner physicians and our midwives, check out the Our Team page.

Intimacy of Home | Reassurance of a Medical Facility

We offer the intimacy of a home-like environment in a fully equipped medical facility. While in labor, you can eat what you want, move as you want, and bring whomever you want with you. We trade traditional hospital gowns and beds for plush robes, deep soaking tubs and queen size beds with luxurious linens. Water birth, nitrous oxide and many other comfort measures are available to manage your labor in your own way.

Belinda & DianeWillow AZ is owned and operated by two certified nurse-midwives. Belinda Hodder and Diane Ortega are board certified midwives with extensive experience in the East Valley; we provide comprehensive, individualized care for women in Mesa, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Chandler …in fact from Scottsdale to San Tan Valley and everywhere in between.

We work closely with you and your family, guiding you through the many choices of the childbearing year and beyond.

We are a boutique midwife and birth center offering highly personalized, evidence based maternity and well-woman care. Our services include:

Women’s Health Care

Preconception Care

Prenatal Care

Laboratory Service

Labor and Birth

Water Birth

Doula Services

Postpartum Care

Newborn Care

Home Visits

Lactation Support

Essential Oils



Classes & Events

Complete Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Personalized care and attention from experienced certified nurse-midwives

24/7 access to your midwives by phone/email

Postpartum home visit (within certain geographical areas)

Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding classes, support group and lactation counselling

Labor and Birth Services

Labor support from your midwife and birth assistant

Beautiful birth suites with all the comforts of home

Comfort measures including birthing tubs and nitrous oxide

Schedule a Birth Center TourOur goal is to offer a unique birth experience for expectant mothers and their families. Although we aim to provide a family-centered, intimate, home-like birth experience with personalized, participatory care, that is not at the expense of clinical excellence.

Our Mission

To provide holistic care to women and their families thought their life span.

Our Vision

To provide care based around five pillars: respect, consent, compassion, transparency and evidence to meet the individual and family needs of those we serve.

I LOVE WILLOW! I have had NOTHING but the BEST care at this office and the Phoenix office. They have taken better care of me than the BANNER System and any other hospital/clinic I have been to since I moved here from Michigan in 2012. The best I could ever ask for in natural child birth and wellness. I would highly recommend Willow to ANY woman seeking better care! I love all of the Midwives and I have met with most of them and they provide the same care no matter who you see!

Amber H.

I am most likely done giving birth, however I chose Willow as my place for overall women's wellness. I could not be more happy with my experiences here. From my annual well women's exam to coming in for some health concerns, I always leave this office feeling confident in my care. These Midwives spend a whole HOUR with you going through whatever concerns or questions you have regarding your health. I love that they come at health from a diet and lifestyle foundation first! My Midwife always has the best suggestions on how to better my health. It is hard to find practitioners who make you feel truly valued. My midwife even did my blood draw for bloodwork in office, which as a busy mom, was probably the highlight of my day! (Not having to go somewhere else and wait). I am not a birthing patient, but if I ever was going to again, I would choose Willow Midwife Center hands down. I am looking forward to continuing my women's wellness here too! Thank you Willow!

Rachel L

Kelli is the best! We had our first daughter at home with Kelli and team, the experience was the best.

Shahana Saludeen

In the beginning stages of my pregnancy, I was with an OB/GYN. It was a very impersonal experience and I did not feel any connection with him (My doctor). This being my first child, I had very high expectations for how I wanted to be treated as a patient and a new mom. Pregnancy is so huge and I wanted to be with the caretaker that treated me as a priority human and not just another client. Plus with Covid in its early stages, I was told that there was a chance I would have to deliver alone when the time came. When I reached out to the birth center, and got in as a new patient, I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. We went into meet the midwives, I felt an instant connection. I felt important and valued as a new mom. I felt love and support from my new team just after one appointment! Due to my pregnancy being during “the great pandemic”, My first initial visits to my OB/GYN I had to go to alone… That was another reason we left, I did not want to go through my Pregnancy, my appointments, ultrasounds, all of the little special things by myself. I wanted Brandon to be fully involved. Thankfully after we switched over to Willow, he was allowed to be at every single appointment with me. Glory to God I was risk-free and healthy enough to qualify for a home birth! Being with such a loving and dedicated care provider, I felt completely empowered and in control of my pregnancy along with being fully supported with how I envisioned my first birth. On Wednesday morning I reached out to my midwife to come over and do a labor check. I was only at about 2 cm, so she left and told me to keep her posted on any more big transitions for her to come back and stay until delivery. It was only a couple hours later before she came back and I was dilated to where she then stayed till birth. We are so beyond lucky to have such incredible people in our lives. I know that my experience is not one that many people have. But it’s so important especially during pregnancy to surround yourself with people that treat you with respect, love, and support. All that being moms, pregnant moms, women wanting to be moms, girls who want babies... do not sell yourself short. Never underestimate the power of your body. Never cave because some doctor Convinces you that there is medication to make it “less painful”, or that you are high-risk when you aren’t. I know so many people that have had “emergency C-sections” for absolutely unnecessary reasons. Reasons that are caused BY THE DOCTOR! For having Pitocin forced on them because they’re going over the time limit for labor, for having epidurals strongly recommended when you’re in the midst of pain. Putting your body in shock and putting your baby at risk so that you have to have a C-section. You are not just a client, you are not a stat, you are not there so that they can take your money. Of course I understand there are women that are more high-risk, obviously there are exceptions and not everyone is able to do a home birth. But I strongly all of you, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Explore your options. Don’t let anyone tell you or convince you that you are not capable or that “you do not have to“ do you things without medication. Prove to yourself how powerful YOU are! How strong YOUR body is! How beautiful YOU are as a woman who can deliver a baby with the help of professionals who seek YOUR well-being. Regardless of you being in a hospital or in your home, birth is painful. So why not do it in the comfort of people you know that love and and regardless of you being in a hospital or in your home, birth is painful. So why not do it in the comfort of people you know that love and support you. It is so worth it! THANK YOU WILLOW FOR ALL YOUR LIVE AND SUPPORT

Tatiana Pavlatos

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew my mindset and birth preferences aligned more with a more gentle approach to pregnancy & labor/birth- but I couldn't find a place that felt right. I toured a number of other birth centers, but I just didn't get the good vibes I was looking for. My husband and I then toured a hospital, and the "sterile" environment caused my husband to keep looking for other options. He eventually found Willow, which is about 25 minutes from our house- I agreed to go to a tour, and we were hooked. We immediately transferred our care from an OB to Willow. Care throughout pregnancy was good, you had plenty of time at each appointment and time to discuss whatever you would like- if you needed to. But, what makes this review a 5 star for me was my actual labor/birth. I ended up laboring for 44 hours, and spent the last 9ish of those hours at Willow. I was absolutely exhausted after not having slept since Sunday night (I went into labor on Monday night- it was now Wednesday). My midwife was Emily B., there was also a midwife in training, my husband and our doula. The room was dark, and comfortable- and I was able to labor how I wanted to all day, with some light encouragement to try new things every once and awhile. Honestly, most of my labor is a bit of a blur- exhaustion mixed with pain- but I remember feeling and thinking that I couldn't imagine doing this in any other way. Having Emily as our midwife felt like one of those "you get what you need" situations- she was the perfect midwife for us and attribute a lot of the positive thoughts that I have about my experience to her. After 1.5 hrs of pushing, baby came out in the water and the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck. Emily and Rebecca worked quickly and calmly, it was off before I even knew what was really happening- baby stayed on my chest the whole time. We stayed for four hours post birth and it was the perfect amount of them taking care of me & baby, bringing us food, coming in to check on us and chat a bit, and then also giving us time alone just the three of us. Overall, the experience turned out to be exactly what I wanted. A vaginal drug-free water birth in a calm environment with supportive women. If you're looking for the same, I highly recommend checking out Willow!

Lauren Katz

There’s a reason why Willow has the best rating in town. Coming from a previous, not-so-great, pretty traumatic birth experience at a different birth center (in a different state), I wasn’t sure if I could do another, and was considering a medicated birth at a hospital but knew I needed to at least give it another shot. So, I researched and interviewed several birth centers in the area and am so grateful to have found Willow, they are hands down the best and that’s been clear from the start. Every midwife is truly wonderful, so knowledgeable, supportive and empowering. Their entire staff is a pleasure to engage with as well and their practice and birthing rooms are always so clean and absolutely beautiful. I have also met several moms randomly outside of Willow that also delivered here and heard nothing but glowing experiences, which only further validates my sureness and confidence in Willow that I can do this again and have a better experience with the right care team. My prenatal care has been very attentive, education-heavy, and I’ve felt nothing less than truly cared for. Willow has exceeded my expectations, taught me so much as a second-timer and I am so relieved I can have the birth I want to experience with the right midwifery care that I and so many others need. Also, natural birth may not be for everyone but I am 100% positive that those who qualify, can do it and have a great experience with willow. Why Willow doesn’t have 5 stars is beyond me because I’ve never experienced anything less and always remember when reading reviews, that there are two sides to every story. If you have concerns, express them. I am looking forward to updating this after the birth of my second child! 🙂 and thank you Willow team for all the care, healing, and confidence you’ve given to me throughout my second pregnancy journey.

Stace Dixon

I recently had my first baby with the help of the Willow midwives. I switched to them at 21 weeks of pregnancy after I decided I’d rather not deliver at the hospital and I decided a natural birth was best for my health and baby’s. I really enjoyed the prenatal visits at the birth center. They were laid back and the calm atmosphere helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. I got to meet all the midwives that way and got to know them. I was often anxious about the pregnancy but they were always so reassuring. Whenever I had concerns, I could call the midwife on call 24 hours a day. I ended up needing a procedure to turn my baby since she was breech, and they scheduled me with their preferred provider at the hospital just a couple days later, which was smooth and successful. My labor ended up being long and difficult due to baby’s position and I decided to transfer to the hospital from the birth center for pain relief. The transfer was super smooth, and a Willow midwife was ready at the hospital to help us deliver our baby. Even though our plan changed, we were able to have the birth we wanted at the hospital because of the supportive care of the midwife there - she already had looked over my file and knew all of our birth preferences! I was so thankful to have a calm gentle model of care as I feel I would have ended with a C section if it weren’t for Willow’s care providers. Willow has also helped care for me and the baby for the month following delivery and has helped make breastfeeding successful, which most pediatricians wouldn’t be able to help with the same way. They noticed baby’s tongue tie and were able to refer out for that. I strongly recommend Willow if you would like a gentle approach to pregnancy and birth, or are looking for care providers that will help you achieve as natural of a birth as you desire!

Crystal D.

Where do I begin?! Willow Birth Center is amazing!!!! So, I wanted a completely different birth experience from my first and I got just that at Willow. I first toured with Emily, and she confirmed what I was hoping. After touring with Emily, I knew I wanted to give birth at Willow and I loved that she was able to provide evidence based information to my questions. I’m a nerd and I love journal research and medical articles, and she was so knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and a calm presence. Even my mother who was against a birth center, could see why I decided to go with Willow. Throughout my pregnancy I was seen by multiple midwives and got a chance to know many of them. Unlike typical doctor offices where you’re seen for maybe 5mins, every visit was with a midwife that took their time with me and answered all of my questions. So, the visits might have been 20-40mins just depending. Then came the lead up to the big day! Their own call midwife really is fully available. I had called the night before I ended up delivering and I got Roxanne! She let me know she would be there if things progressed and sure enough they did. When I arrived I was ready to push and with Roxanne and my doula by my side I was able to have the natural water birth I always wanted. I couldn’t believe I did it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and guidance from the extraordinary women at Willow. Everyone there is so nice and helpful! I seriously feel like every woman should know about Willow no matter how you want to birth. Willow just has it all!!! Professionalism, best of both worlds (home/hospital like), complete transparency, and so much more I can’t quite put into words. Thank you midwives and staff of Willow. You have forever changed my outlook on the birth process and I’m truly grateful I got to experience my birth with you. (Even during a global pandemic). ❤️🤱🏽🌎🐻💦🌿

Courtney C.


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