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Can I Afford a Birth Center Birth?

Can I Afford a Birth Center Birth?

Can I Afford a Birth Center Birth?

Many factors determine your choice of birth place, and while it shouldn’t be the top consideration, cost and affordability is one of them. Here at Willow Midwife Center, we endeavor to keep the financial aspect of care straightforward and affordable for our clients so that they can focus on what really matters, receiving the highest quality healthcare available.

Is a birth center affordable?

If you do a cost-to-cost comparison with a hospital birth, a birth center is more affordable in most cases.

Birth centers facilitate natural birth and provide a home-like environment with personal birthing suites and attentive services. Midwives strive to make you feel more comfortable and serve natural birth. There are no unnecessary tests, medications, or interventions involved, so you often save money here as well.

Even if you’re having a natural birth in a hospital, you will likely be subject to tests, medications, or interventions, which will later add up to a larger bill.

Additionally, at the birth center, we let you go home with your baby as soon as we have made sure you and your baby are perfectly healthy, while a hospital will have you stay longer, which will naturally increase the cost of staying.

With all factors considered, a birth center is often more affordable than a hospital. 

Do you accept insurance?

Willow Midwife Center accepts most commercial insurance and health-sharing plans and offers a discount for self-pay. We also accept Medicaid plans, United Medical Credit, and Care Credit to assist with financing. Please be aware that some insurers bill under our community partner physicians.

You can verify your insurance here

**Please note it will take approximately 5-7 business days to receive your insurance verification back. You may also contact your insurance company directly for coverage information.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! We offer interest-free payment plans that can be spread out throughout your pregnancy. In some instances, you can even extend the payment period into postpartum.

Willow Wish Grant Program

Another option for payment that we offer is through our Willow Wish Grant Program. This program grants scholarships for facility fees for clients who can’t afford the birth center otherwise. We will match the Willow Wish Grant amount, helping make birth center care available to everyone.

Our goal is to make care accessible and affordable for families. If you are unsure what the financials of your care would look like, please send us a message so we can talk through all of the options! 

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