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Changing Care Providers During Your Pregnancy

Many women change to Willow during their pregnancy for many different reasons- some don’t know their choice initially, other reasons can be that their care provider is not offering the type of care that reaches their needs. What ever the reason for your change of care remember that it is common for women to change pregnancy care providers and it is doesn’t need to be complicated!

Here’s what you need to know in order to change your pregnancy care provider:

You’ll need your medical records

Not a problem – once you make an appointment at Willow, we will fax over a release of medical records. It’s a simple as that! You can also ask for a copy of your records. You are entitled to a complete copy of your records, and practices are used to providing copies.

The break-up convo

Women feel guilty for wanting to change providers and find the conversation difficult – but remember pregnancy and birth is a huge deal and YOUR feelings and needs must come first!  It’s up to you if you want to tell your previous provider- many women don’t discuss it with them. They just book an appointment with Willow and we request their records. Remember, this is your BIRTH!

Picking up where you left off

At Willow we will be able to continue your care using the test and labs you have already done. Be warned though- your first appointment at Willow will take an hour and we want to know all about YOU !


Switching to a new practice shouldnt affect your coverage, but practices can have different arrangements with insurance companies. This could mean an increase  or decrease in your total out-of-pocket expenses. Just remember, to have the experience you want, in the end, it’s worth it!

If you pre-paid your current practice for visits you dont intend to keep, they should be able to issue you a refund when you switch. You should only pay for visits you’ve already had.

Timing is everything

Transferring to a new practice earlier in your pregnancy is best, but most practices will accept transferring clients into the third trimester. Dont be afraid to switch even if you are farther along, especially if you’re seeking a different birth experience.

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