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Diane Ortega
Administrative Director and Co-Founder

Meet Certified Nurse-Midwife Diane Ortega

Diane Ortega, DNP, CNM, is the Administrative Director & Co-Founder of the Willow Midwife Centers for Birth and Wellness AZ. As a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM), Diane is a licensed independent health care practitioner educated in nursing and midwifery, providing family-centered care to women of all ages.

Diane’s journey into midwifery began after the birth of her second daughter with a midwife. With her own midwife as a mentor, she became passionate about pregnancy and women’s health and dedicated herself to pursuing a career in this field. Diane received her master’s degree from the University of Illinois-Chicago and relocated to Arizona to begin her midwifery career. She has been practicing full-scope midwifery in Phoenix, Gilbert, and the rest of the East Valley for more than 13 years; Diane has delivered more than 1000 babies in that time.

Diane enjoys caring for women throughout their lifespan. She is committed to serving a diverse population of women and expanding midwifery care to all families. Her goals are to empower and educate women and their families in their healthcare and childbearing experiences. She believes that a healthy pregnancy, a powerful birth experience and the early initiation of bonding and breastfeeding can contribute to strong and loving family ties.

Midwife & Mother

Diane has four children – Emma, Julia, Jackson, and Vee. She spends most of her free-time mothering these independent spirits, but occasionally finds time to travel, hike, bike and enjoys exploring Arizona. Diane is passionate about her calling as both a mother & a midwife and is excited to see what the future holds for Willow AZ.

Anne L.

Love Diane and Belinda! They are thoughtful, respectful and only want what you want! I look forward to delivering at the birth center!


Wow!! What an absolutely beautiful birth center!! It seriously looks like a model home! I felt such a great feeling when I walked in and when I was there. Diane gave me a tour of the place and I was in awe at how wonderful & gorgeous this place was. I can’t wait to tell all of my family & friends about it because every woman needs to have the option of giving natural birth with the sweetest midwives and at a perfect birth center. I can’t say enough good things about this birth center & Diane

Anne L.

I loved having my baby at Willow. Diane and Belinda provided incredible, personalized prenatal care. My birth was calm, relaxing and unforgettable. I loved the time after birth that my husband and I had with our new baby, as the Willow team took care of us and helped us focus on each other. I would definitely recommend birthing at Willow. Whether for your first birth or fifth birth, it is a wonderful and beautiful environment.

Meet and Greet

We met Diane for a meet and greet. The staff was welcoming and warm. The facility is beautiful, clean and has everything one might need for birth. Diane was thorough, kind and took her time with us. Nothing but great things to say about Willow!

Angela S.

I just love Willow birth center and Belinda and Diane. These lovely midwives have seen me through two vbac births now. The births I had with them, the second being at Willow, were healing and empowering. I recommend these ladies to everyone. You simply won’t find better, more personalized care anywhere.

Rebecca T.

As a professional Doula, I have very high standards when it comes to the care my clients get and should expect. Willow is one of the places I recommend to my pregnant clients wanting a wonderful birth experience. For some reason for my own self care I compromised in the past. At Willow however, I felt heard, care for and totally relieved when I left my wellness appointment with Diane. I recommend them 100% for excellent, evidence based care for all women.

Angela S.

I saw Diane for my prenatal check. She listened to all my questions, and answered everything. She never rushes, and is very compassionate. I’m excited to birth with these ladies. It’s so hard to find good evidence based care, and I’m so grateful to have found these wonderful midwives.

Katy W.

I had my first appointment at Willow with Diane Ortega who I followed to her new practice because I had such a good experience being delivered by her in May. I was able to bring my son Harrison. This was my post partum wellness checkup and she was very open to everything I wanted to discuss on a physical and emotional level. I think we covered it all from my recovery to being a new parent. She was very patient and really truly listens and gives you the time.

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If you would like to schedule a consultation with Diane and tour one of our Willow AZ Midwife & Birth Centers, use our contact form or call Willow AZ at 480-565-5990 today.

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