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Do I Need Childbirth Education?

Do I Need Childbirth Education?

Do I Need Childbirth Education?

Childbirth education helps expecting parents mentally and physically prepare for the task of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. By taking classes, reading books, and educating yourself about the process, it removes the ambiguity about what’s coming and helps you feel completely prepared for the process. 

Why is childbirth education important?

Childbirth education is something that our midwives are passionate about! These educational classes involve learning about your body, techniques for birth, breastfeeding and more. You can make informed decisions and choices about your and your baby’s health by educating yourself on these topics! 

Our clients learn through a mix of education through their various prenatal appointments, where we answer all of their questions, as well as a variety of classes and events we offer to our clients and the community. 

Does childbirth education make a difference?

Childbirth education has numerous benefits that begin with the mother preparing their body to go through labor and birth. By taking classes, you can also help your partner understand their role in the process and how to support you and your baby. 

There have been studies published that show that by participating in childbirth classes, you can reduce the rates of adverse delivery outcomes. Having increased knowledge and skills surrounding childbirth can make a difference in knowing and understanding how to cope with certain situations. 

Classes at Willow Midwife Center 

We offer a variety of classes at the birth center! 

  • Birth Center Orientation and Tour (private tours also available)
  • Preparing for a Birth Center Birth (recommended for first time moms and anyone who has not had an unmedicated birth before – please bring all members of your birth team!)
  • Introduction to Breastfeeding.
  • The Birth Process.
  • Comfort & Coping Techniques.
  • Your Postpartum: The First 2 Weeks.

Check our calendar for dates and times!

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