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Labor and Birth at the Birth Center

Labor and Birth at the Birth Center

Labor and Birth at the Birth Center

Choosing a birth center for your birth is a wholesome experience, recommended for mothers who want holistic care and an unmedicated birth.

The birth center provides a more comfortable, home-like environment that is much different than what has become custom in hospital settings. There is more freedom and room for customization for mothers to make the experience memorable.

If you’re planning to choose our birth center for your big day, you may wonder what it looks like. Let us walk you through it!

Early Labor

Early labor is the stage where contractions are beginning but aren’t yet completely consistent or strong. In early labor, we are awaiting full cervical dilation to move to the active stage.

During this stage, we provide phone check-ins and support. We recommend spending this part of labor at home so you can comfortably move around in your own environment as you progress through labor. We will keep in touch throughout this time so we can advise you to come in at the right time. 

It is encouraged to rest, move around, drink water, eat something light, and wait until your contractions become more intense. We keep in touch with you to help you through every step of the way.

Active Labor

Once your contractions are more continuous and consistent, we have you come to the birth center to ensure consistent progression.

Our team of midwives, with their birth assistants, will help you in your active labor time. We can guide you through, help you with natural pain relief methods, and encourage you through this time.

Once it’s time for delivery, you can give birth in whatever position or place suits your best. There is no specific place or position for pushing so you can do it however you like, although we will provide you with our years of experience and guidance.

Birth of the Baby and Beyond

After birth, we help facilitate immediate skin-to-skin contact and practice delayed cord clamping. We also encourage mothers to breastfeed soon after birth and help mothers and babies establish breastfeeding more easily.

After delivery, we allow family bonding time for the first 2 hours and provide a meal to help with recovery.

Care For the Baby

We perform the newborn examination on the bed next to the parents, involving them in the process. We talk about different aspects of the exam and evaluate how your baby is doing.

We assist you in getting up, using the bathroom or shower, and providing postpartum instructions.

Discharge usually occurs around 4-6 hours postpartum if the mother and the baby are stable and doing well. 

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