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Isabelle Guillou

Meet Isabelle Guillou

Isabelle graduated with a master’s degree in Maternal Child Nursing and Midwifery from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon graduation, she joined a hospital-based midwifery practice in the Chicagoland area where she gained a vast knowledge and experience in midwifery care. After a few years as a hospital-based midwife, Isabelle left the hospital setting and worked as a homebirth midwife for a few years before relocating to Arizona.

Isabelle’s beliefs mirror her clients’ personal beliefs and birth choices. She thrives on developing a trusting relationship with her clients through compassionate listening. She provides gentle mindful guidance for her clients to craft the pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting plans that best suit them so that they can have a more fulfilling birth experience or one with minimal interference. At births, Isabelle’s calm energy is balanced to support the physiologic birth process.

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