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Kelli Beaty

Meet Kelli Beaty, CPM, LM

Kelli Beaty CPM, LM, is the newest member of the Willow at Home team. Kelli has been a licensed midwife for over 28 years.

A recent transplant to Arizona, Kelli is a Certified Professional Midwife and currently holds an Arizona Midwifery license, having previously served mothers in Texas for almost three decades. Kelli is delighted to begin serving the families and fellow midwives of the Willow AZ family, and also looks forward to enjoying the great outdoors of Arizona.

After college, Kelli began working in the medical field, and quickly recognized that her heart was somewhere else. After meeting a midwife, she suddenly realized where her heart was leading her…midwifery. Kelli began training and completed the Texas program for licensed midwives in 1990; she became licensed soon after. As a licensed Texas midwife, Kelli owned a birth center/home birth practice in Texas for 28 years.

Kelli’s education has been extensive, she has helped write and build one of the most successful midwifery training programs in the US, The Association of Texas Midwives Training Program. Kelli is an avid educator, and an advocate for women’s right to access safe midwifery care. She has worked alongside other midwives to help create policies, legislation and midwifery rules that ensures that midwifery remains an option for childbearing women. She has extensive experience with breech and twin home births. Kelli has also served mommies in several different countries including Haiti, the Dominican Republic (where she owns a scuba diving shop!!!), and Belize.

Moving to Arizona was supposed to be a retirement plan…but Willow AZ had different plans for her! After a three year sabbatical, Kelli discovered that working with the Willow AZ team was where she wanted to be. Kelli knows that the team atmosphere and positive attitude about birth is what cultivates a safe birthing space for all families, whether they are with the Willow AZ Home Birth team or Birth Center.

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