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Nicole Amador

Meet Nicole Amador

My passion for becoming a Midwife really blossomed during my work towards nursing school. During my endeavors towards nursing school, I worked at the Seattle Public Library because I have a passion for learning new information and working within the community. I always found myself drawn to the health section, and I loved reading books about pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. I found that birth was more spiritual, physiological, and involved the whole person – physically and emotionally. My interests have always been in providing care, but as I continued my schooling I grew more and more intrigued by the miracle of birth.

My journey into midwifery began when I thought about the impact I wanted to make and I decided to put my passion for pregnancy, labor, postpartum and reproductive health into action and applied to the Masters of Science in Midwifery at Bastyr University. Soon after, I become a Birth Doula. I completed the birth doula workshop in March 2019 at Bastyr University’s Simkin Center. I became a doula for in June 2019 and attended births in a hospital setting for over a year. Attending hospital births was very beneficial to have a well-rounded experience of labor, birth, and postpartum in that particular setting. It was not until I was a student midwife in 2019, that I experienced my first out-of-hospital birth. After a year at Lake Washington Midwives, I moved to Arizona and continued my education and hands-on training as a primary student midwife in the birth center setting. I believe my experience in and out of the hospital, including my passion for health and knowledge, make me an informed, dedicated, and passionate midwife.

I am an excited to work at Willow in a group practice setting. I believe that the heart of midwifery is community. This practice allows space for collaboration and a sense of community for us midwives, as well as for our clients. We are able to highlight each midwife’s unique energy and passion for reproductive health. My passion for midwifery is focusing on the community. I hope to expand Willow’s educational courses, meet-ups, and networking with other birth workers. As a community, I believe we can improve reproductive health.

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