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Natural Pain Relief Options for Birth

Natural Pain Relief Options for Birth

Natural Pain Relief Options for Birth

At Willow Midwife Center we specialize in natural birth that focuses on informed consent and offer comprehensive, individualized care for women. One of the many reasons a family seeks out midwifery care from experienced and Certified Nurse-Midwives at a birth center is for the midwifery model of care and the intimacy of feeling at home with the reassurance of a medical facility. 

We practice the Midwifery Model of Care, which is based on building a relationship between care provider and pregnant woman that avoids unnecessary interventions during labor and trusting the woman’s body to progress as it naturally would for labor and birth. 

If this sounds like it aligns with your goals for your own birth, then you might be interested in also learning and understanding other ways to help relieve your discomforts during labor. A few ways available to you at our center to manage your labor in your own way are water birth, nitrous oxide, position changes, and massage. 

Comfort Measures: 

  • Water birth
    • Water can help you relax between contractions and help you cope with them so they do not feel as painful. Moving around in water also makes it easier for the body to change positions and relieve pressure.
  • Nitrous Oxide
    • Nitrous Oxide is an effective pain reliever for many women during labor and delivery because it helps to promote relaxation while reducing pain and anxiety. 
  • Position changes
    • Not everyone will enjoy sitting, standing, or laying in the same positions. Trying out different positions may help you find one that feels more comfortable and can help you labor more effectively without exhausting yourself. 
  • Massage
    • Massage can be a helpful tool to get your mind at ease. It aids in relaxation and it just plain feels good.

To learn more about Willow Midwife Center and our care, or to schedule a personal tour, please contact us as 480-565-5990 or send us a message

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