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Preparing for Birth at Willow Midwife Center

Preparing for Birth at Willow Midwife Center

Preparing for Birth at Willow Midwife Center

So, you’re about to welcome a new addition to the family (congratulations!) and you’ve finally settled upon a birth center birth?

Now comes the part where you need to prepare yourself for a natural birth!

The best part about giving birth at a birth center is that there is not a fixed way to go about it. There is no standard protocol that you must adhere to. You can move things around at your convenience as long as you’re in touch with your midwife and support team at all times.

Importance Of Childbirth Classes

This is where the importance of childbirth classes comes in handy thanks to Willow Midwife Center!

Classes at Willow Midwife Center:

Our ‘Birthing at Willow AZ’ class is a customized class useful to anyone planning an out-of-hospital birth. We require attendance at our ‘Preparing for a Birth Center Birth’ by week 35 of your pregnancy (ideally between 32-35 weeks) for all families who plan to birth in one of our Willow Midwife Centers. 

If you will be inviting anyone to your birth (friends, family members, Doulas, etc.), please plan for them to also attend. They will benefit from the information and be better prepared to support you after having an opportunity to meet us.

Our classes include:

1. Birth Center Orientation and Tour 

This is the first feel you get about what it’s like to be at a birth center. We walk you through our services, and facilities and give you a brief introduction to our team. 

We also give you a tour of our birthing suites so you have an idea of what the setting of your birth is going to look like.

We usually conduct this tour as part of our orientation class, but you can always request a private tour should you wish to have one! This gives you a chance to ask specific questions and clear any concerns that you might have.

2. Preparing for a Birth Center Birth 

This class is highly recommended for first-time moms and anyone who has not had an unmedicated birth before – please bring all members of your birth team! 

It talks about how a birth center birth is different from a hospital birth and what you can expect while delivering at a birth center. 

We talk about some of the pros and cons regarding the natural way of giving birth and what some possible complications can be. We also talk about what we do in case you need any interventions.

3. The Birth Process

If you’re a first-time mother, then attending a class on the birth process can be really beneficial for you. It walks you through the whole process of labor step by step so you have an idea of what to expect when the time finally arrives!


We also offer classes in Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Basics, Nutrition, Early Home Care, Pediatric CPR, Family Safety, Car Seat Clinic, Baby Wearing, and Birthing from Within. 

Please contact us for more information or visit our calendar.

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