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Water Birth at Willow Midwife Center

Water Birth at Willow Midwife Center

Water Birth at Willow Midwife Center

If you are preparing for the upcoming birth of your baby, you might have looked into water birth. Water birth is a great option for a lot of mothers, and here is why! 

What is water birth?

Water birth is the process of laboring and/or giving birth in a tub of warm water. We like to call our birthing tubs the aqua-dural. Our deep birth tubs are specifically designed for water immersion, promoting comfort and relaxation during labor and/or birth.

What are the benefits of water birth?

Getting into warm, deep water can decrease the sensation of pain during labor and birth.

Women experience a sense of weightlessness in the water relieving pressure and strain, and many experience contractions that feel less intense in the water. Other benefits include:

  • Pain relief
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Decreases adrenaline production, allowing better flow of oxytocin and oxygen through the mother
  • Increases the blood supply to the uterus and sends more blood and oxygen to the placenta and baby
  • Provides buoyancy enabling you to assume positions that are comfortable for labor/birth
  • Reduces perineal trauma, eliminating episiotomies
  • Provides a gentle transition for the baby from the womb into the world.

Is water birth safe?

Yes, water birth is safe! We have the ability to monitor your baby with special waterproof monitors while you relax in the comfort of the warm water to ensure everything is unfolding naturally. Our midwives are experienced in safe water birth practices and have assisted many clients with water deliveries.

Does water birth cost more money?

Water Birth is available to all Willow Midwife Center clients at no extra cost, and each of our birth suites come equipped with a water birth tub.

If you are interested in learning more about water birth with us, send us a message!

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