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What Does Your Postpartum Care Look Like?

What Does Your Postpartum Care Look Like?

What Does Your Postpartum Care Look Like?

At Willow Midwife Center, we aim to provide safe, sustainable care and make sure that we provide you with autonomy and respect to get through a time that might be challenging in many different ways.

What happens after I give birth?

The midwives will stay around to remain in close contact with you after you give birth. You can choose how involved you want us to be or if you just need us to be around the corner should you need us!

After birth you can stay for 4-12 hours. Most moms stay around 4-5 hours and then we do a home visit 24 hours after you give birth, just to look out for any complications. We won’t recommend any interventions or medications if you don’t feel comfortable with them! But staying around will help us ensure that you’re recovering smoothly and your baby is doing fine.

Postpartum Care

Even once you go home, the midwives and birth assistants will be available at the birth center every day to provide postpartum support.

24-48 hours after the birth, we will visit you to check in on you and your baby. We will perform a complete physical exam on the two of you, assist you with breastfeeding and answer any questions you may have. (Please note that this service may be subject to limitations due to distance.)

Newborn Care

The Newborn Screening will be performed at this time as well. We make sure we provide you with knowledge regarding all available options and then let you decide whether or not you want certain kinds of testing or not. We highly recommend a standard screening for your newborn, but you can always choose what you feel comfortable with and what you want to put on hold for now.

Long-Term Postpartum Care

In addition to the initial home visit, you will schedule postpartum appointments at the birth center at two weeks and six-weeks.

We invite and encourage you to stay connected with us and continue to find support in our  Support Group sessions for new moms and their babies. You can continue these appointments on a monthly or bi-monthly basis until you feel comfortable and then come back to us for our well-woman care!

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