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What is a birth ball?

What is a birth ball?

What is a Birth Ball?

Birth balls are great for helping you progress labor when you are in the early and even later stages of labor. Being active during labor is beneficial to the process! 

What is a birth ball?

A birth ball is a large inflated ball, much like the yoga balls you find at the gym. They are super durable, hard to puncture, and have an anti-slip finish to provide support.

The main purpose is to find a sturdy support that allows you to move around without using much energy or risking injury.

Why are they used?

Birth balls are a great option to help you get into a comfortable position for labor. They allow you to sit upright without putting pressure on your lower back. 

An upright position allows your baby to descend as the head better aligns with the birth canal. Sitting upright also helps you with labor contractions, enabling smooth labor progression.

If you’re dealing with a narrow birth canal, try sitting on a birth ball, as it can help open the pelvis by 2-3 inches, encouraging normal dilation.

It helps to relieve pressure and allows more room for the baby’s head to navigate through the pelvis.

How are they used?

Here’s how to use the birth ball in labor;

  • Sit on the birth ball. Rock side to side in a swaying motion to help align your spine and relieve tension from your back
  • Sit in bed and lean forward using the ball to rest your arms on for a better posture.
  • Try sitting on the ball and moving in a circular motion with your toes. It will help keep your pelvis open and release tension from your lower back.

If you need help using a birthing ball, try watching videos or ask our experts during your prenatal visits!

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