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What is a Birth Stool?

What is a Birth Stool?

What is a Birth Stool?

Birth stools have been around for centuries as a tool to support women during childbirth. These sturdy, versatile stools offer numerous benefits during labor including comfort and mobility to birthing individuals. It optimizes natural birth and reduces the need for medical intervention.

When is a birth stool used?

A birth stool is typically used during the second stage of labor and delivery to support and encourage pushing. 

It offers the mothers an alternative to lying-down positions and helps them during each of the stages in the following ways:

  1. Active Labor: As labor progresses, mothers usually desire a more upright position which may be difficult given the pressure on their back. Using a birth stool can provide support for squatting, semi-sitting, or other upright postures. This position allows gravity to assist in the descent of the baby and may help promote effective contractions.
  2. Pushing Stage: When it’s time to push the baby out, using the stool provides stability and support for the mother. The open-legged posture facilitated by the stool helps widen the pelvic canal, helping the baby move downwards.

It’s important to note that a birth stool depends on the mother’s personal preference. It also depends on the healthcare provider’s recommendations and the specific circumstances of the pregnancy and delivery. 

What are the benefits of a birth stool?

Using a birth stool during labor and delivery offers several advantages for mothers. Some of these include:

  • Upright Positioning: Birth stools allow for upright positions, such as squatting or semi-sitting, which may be otherwise difficult for a mother. Sitting upright helps move your center of gravity, which alleviates back pressure and promotes effective contractions.
  • Pelvic Opening: The open-legged posture facilitated by birth stools helps widen the pelvic canal, potentially reducing the need for medical interventions as there is more room for the baby to move down the birth canal easily.
  • Enhanced Control and Comfort: Birth stools provide mothers stability, support, and a sense of control during labor. It also allows them to find a position that feels most comfortable for them.
  • Improved Blood Flow: Upright positions on birth stools can enhance blood circulation to the pelvic area, potentially reducing the risk of fetal distress and perineal trauma. It also improves blood flow to your pelvic muscles, enabling you to push more effectively.

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