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What to Wear During Labor

What to Wear During Labor

What to Wear During Labor

Preparing for labor beforehand is a good idea since you’re certain to miss the tiny details at the last moment. Some mothers like to get their planning down to the last detail, including what they’re going to wear during labor. 

To put it simply, you can wear whatever you feel the most comfortable with. One thing unique about the birth center is the freedom to wear what you like without being limited to a hospital gown. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Labor Outfit

Here are some recommendations to get you started with packing your birth bag: 

  • Loose-fitting clothes

When we refer to comfortable clothes, we mean clothes that aren’t too tight or fitting. We might need to expose your body from time to time for examinations. Wearing tight clothing will not only be uncomfortable for you, but it will also be difficult to remove and replace if need be. Plus, who likes wearing tight clothes when they are trying to relax and be comfortable?

  • Loungewear

We say wear what you feel comfortable wearing at home! It can be your baggy sweatshirt or a nightgown that you like. Loungewear is good in the sense that you can wear it for a longer time without it being uncomfortable. Plus it keeps you adequately warm while you wait for your labor to progress. It also is important to have clothes that will make you feel the most comfortable when you head home from giving birth.

  • Comfortable bra

A lot of mothers want breast coverage while they deliver, which is completely understandable, and you can keep your bra on during labor if you want. However, we recommend wearing a simple bra that is comfortable and easy to remove.

Some Important Tips:

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear during labor. Your clothes must be:

Easily washable

Labor can be messy, although we have cleaning everything down to a science, so it’s usually not. But just in case, it can be nice if the clothes you are wearing are easily washable.

Easily Accessible (open)

Like we mentioned above, there is a lot of exposure during labor to allow for examinations to see how your labor is progressing. To make this easier, it helps if you’re wearing clothes that can be pushed up or pulled down easily without causing you much discomfort.

Allow for movement

Your clothes should allow mobility without restricting you or without being too tight in certain areas. We recommend being active in the earlier stages of labor to help the progress.

*Water Birth*

If you are having a water birth, we usually recommend clothing that is smaller and less baggy if you want to wear clothing at all! That could be your favorite sports bra or a swimsuit top. T-shirts can get heavy, baggy, and cold. Not the best combination for a comfortable environment! We also encourage skin-to-skin contact with baby as soon as possible to maximize all the benefits it offers, so wearing smaller things on top that can be easily removed makes that process a bit easier. 

Hopefully, these tips help you prepare for your upcoming birth! 

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