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WillowAZ Midwives at Banner Ironwood Hospital

There are many benefits to choosing the excellent care that is the standard with the WillowAZ Midwives.  Our Nurse Midwives can serve you and your growing family if you choose to birth with us at Banner Ironwood, our WillowAZ birth center, or at your home.  Each of these locations have different benefits for birth; you can decide which location you believe is right for you.  Today we are going to discuss the option of birthing at Banner Ironwood.

Prenatal Care and Free Classes

Women birthing at the hospital can receive their prenatal care either at the WillowAZ Birth Center or the Ironwood office, located across from the hospital.  During this time the midwives get the chance to truly get to know you, and quickly build a trusting relationship.  The initial appointment is 60 minutes and all other visits are 30 minutes.  This time is mainly spent answering questions and giving education.  Any blood work can be done conveniently at your appointment, and you get access to all of your labs and medical records.  We offer free classes that include breastfeeding, preparing for labor, what to expect the first two weeks post partum, biweekly yoga classes, and a mom and baby support group.

Laboring at Banner Ironwood with WillowAZ Midwives

Banner Ironwood is one of the newer Banner Hospitals. It is a short drive from Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.  We have also had families from Scottsdale, Surprise, and Casa Grande choose Banner Ironwood. Why? They understood how important it is to choose a supportive, evidence-based laboring team and hospital!  The WillowAZ Midwives choose to work with you at Banner Ironwood because they have nurses that are dedicated to supporting you and your birth plan in a comforting and spacious laboring room.

When you are in labor, a Willow Nurse Midwife will be supporting you every step of the way!

Our WillowAZ Midwives are unique. We will meet you in triage, follow you to the labor floor, and support you throughout your labor, birth, and post partum experience.  We are not midwives that just show up at the end and catch your baby (unless you are one of the lucky women to birth upon arrival to the hospital).  You will be free to make the hospital room your own. You are also free to move around the room and use the various support tools to increase your comfort.  At your birth, you can birth in any position you choose and Delayed Cord Clamping, immediate Skin to Skin, and the Golden Hour are routine with your WillowAZ Midwives at Banner Ironwood.  We also have two supportive physicians that we collaborate with as needed.

“I felt safe, listened too, and truly respected by my Midwives and the Nurses at Banner Ironwood!”

Various Options in Labor at Banner Ironwood:

  • Freedom to move, eat, and drink
  • Water immersion in large Aqua Doula tubs and spacious showers
  • Access to nitrous oxide or an epidural for pain relief, if desired
  • Monitoring with the doppler, wireless monitor, or Novi monitor
  • Access to birthing stools, birthing balls, the peanut ball, and a mirror

Unique Post Partum Care

About 48 hours after discharge from the hospital, a midwife will come to your house for a one hour visit. We will provide education, answer any questions, and assess you and your baby.  You and your baby will have a one hour visit at one week post partum, and a six week post partum visit.

If you are interested in Nurse Midwives that really get to know you and your partner, and are supportive throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and post partum period, please schedule a meet and greet at your convenience.  We can meet with you at our Ironwood office or the WillowAZ Birth Center.  We look forward to getting to know you and giving you comprehensive individualized personalized care that is right for you!

With Love,

The WillowAZ Nurse Midwives

Belinda, Diane, Roxanne, Lana, and Emily


Photos courtesy of Cherry Blossom Doula Services

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