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Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in Pregnancy

Any kind of light physical exercise is highly recommended during pregnancy and labor. It boosts mood and prepares the body for the physical challenges of giving birth. 

If you’re looking for a great activity to keep in shape, you can always try yoga during pregnancy to get in that physical activity while also gaining the benefits yoga has to offer!

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy and Labor

Even if you have never practiced yoga, now is a good time to start! Here are some of the many benefits of yoga.

  • Reduces stress and improves mood

Pregnancy can be a physically and mentally challenging time for all new mothers-to-be. Yoga helps bring your body and mind in sync to relieve some of the built-up stress and tension your body is going through.

Yoga trains your body to breathe in slow, rhythmic movements which allow the release of endorphins and prevent the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. This eventually results in reduced levels of stress and anxiety. 

  • Helps improve blood flow to the heart and body

Pregnancy is a high-demand state for blood and oxygen. Most women face issues like leg swelling and shortness of breath due to a lack of oxygen reaching every part of the body.

Yoga first helps you breathe in a proper rhythmic manner and then helps regulate blood flow by slowing the heart rate, so each part of the body receives the proper amount of blood and oxygenation.

  • Strengthens the body for labor

Certain pregnancy yoga poses help strengthen your pelvic muscles, which are important for labor to progress normally. These muscles help support your pregnancy in the prenatal period and prevent the lower back pain that may arise from bearing the weight of the growing baby. 

Yoga also helps the body open up and release some of the tension that we unintentionally store up in our bodies. This tension can lead to pain and reduced mobility during labor.

  • Helps prevent pregnancy ailments

Certain yoga poses are known to help with pregnancy ailments like constipation and round ligament pain. It is known to promote a healthy pregnancy that may be free of common pregnancy problems

Is it safe?

Yes, yoga is said to be completely safe during pregnancy. Unless you have a complication that calls for bed rest, you can safely do yoga. However, always ask your healthcare provider before you start practicing yoga to avoid any complications.

Even if you have never done it before, experience in yoga is not a prerequisite to starting yoga during pregnancy. Given the low-impact nature of yoga, it’s a great type of workout for beginners to participate in.

Yoga at Willow

Willow Midwife Center offers both pre and postnatal yoga classes conducted by Nikki Brewer of Ha Yoga Tempe via Zoom. For dates and times on our classes, check our calendar online to schedule!

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